How To Beat Heartburn
  1. Kathleen Potter 5 months ago

    Of all these solutions they don’t give you the two that work the best. One is to take more enzymes. The reason you have heartburn is because your body only has so many enzymes/day and once they are used up your body can’t digest food properly any longer. Raw foods, veggies and fruits, have all the enzymes needed to digest them. However if you cook them the heating process kills the self contained enzymes. If you only eat cooked food the enzymes are pretty much destroyed by the heating process (canned foods included.) If you can’t eat raw food get a good quality enzyme (I get mine from Wheatgrass and Sprouts in Michigan, you can order them online here as well.) The second way, ask any holistic doctor, is to drink the juice of 1/2 a lemon. This is the cheapest cure, but not as easy as the enzymes to carry with you.

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